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Apparel and Fashion Accessory Product Line Photography

SERVICE TYPE: Hanging or Flat On Mannequin Ghost Mannequin Effect Live Modelled
INITIAL JOB SETUP FEES *: $250 $300 $375 $450 $400 $475 $750
Additional styling and/or props: - Y - Y - Y -
PER IMAGE PROCESSING FEES *: $20 $30 $20 $30 $35 $45 $60
Includes Standard Post-production Package - Color correction, image sharpening, surface detailing, Alpha channel **

Images shot in studio on a plain white or color background

* Initial job setup fees apply one time to the service type ordered. On orders of multiple service types, the full setup fee applies to the most expensive service type ordered, and 50% of all additional service type setup fees will be added on.
All standard per image processing fees apply regardless of the service types ordered.
Setup and per image fees do not include any estimated or actual additional production costs.  All fees doubled for location work.  Setup fees and estimated production costs must be paid in advance. Overpayments of estimated production costs will be applied as a reduction to the per image processing fees.

** To maximize your savings and help you streamline your image integration workflow, we include a refined, accurate Alpha channel with your image file instead of the usual clipping path. 

Alpha channels provide a much more natural transition of object to background in all circumstances, as well as preserve the illusion of dimensionality.  They are more detailed and accurate than clipping paths and will save you money by allowing your graphics department to spend less time refining selections and separations to maintain the quality of the image.

If you do require a clipping path, the refined, accurate Alpha channel we include with your image file may easily be converted into a precision clipping path by your graphics department, saving you time and money.

Q. Are there Usage fees (Licensing costs)?
A. We are the sole owner of all copyrights. We do not charge license fees for standard product images shot on white or colored backgrounds that are NOT LIVE MODELLED. Upon final receipt of payment, the images you ordered are released for use in all your company collateral and company website for an unlimited time.
However, licensing fees will be charged on images sold to or distributed by Professional Photo Wholesalers or Image Galleries or used in third party advertising media, such as magazines, billboards, television, or uploaded to social media sites. Images which include live models and other more specific custom photography projects are also subject to licensing fees, and these are quoted on a project by project basis. Please read your usage license document for specific details.

Q. How do I check proofs and approve images?
A. After shooting is done, we send you an email with instructions on how to access the PRO Gallery (Photo Review Online) . At this point, you can view all your unprocessed product images and approve your order, finalize your file purchase list, request reshoots and/or request additional post processing work. Additional charges may apply at this point, depending on any extra work requested, based on your approval. Once all payments have been received, all final files will be uploaded to our FTP site for you to download, along with your specific usage license document.

Q. What is the turn-around time?
A. This depends entirely on the size and complexity of the job being photographed, as well as how many other projects we already have scheduled or in progress. We will provide you with the most accurate job ETA possible, based on the information you provide when you place your order. Any changes will be communicated to you ASAP.
Rush orders: The other option is to pay for a RUSH order and your job will be moved to the top priority over all other jobs not already in progress. ALL rush orders will be charged at DOUBLE all the standard rates.

Q. What if I want a product or image file re-shot?
A. If after image files have been uploaded for review, the client requests a re-shoot of any or all of the images created from the client shot lists, or requests new, additional photos to be created that were not detailed on any previous shot lists, for any reason, billing is at the standard setup rates shown above. If you are not sure how you want your product shot and want to avoid additional setup fees, it is always best to include multiple detailed perspectives in the initial shot list.

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FYI mediaworld Photographic - full service fashion photography.

From top-hats to toe-rings, and everything in between. Our specialty is fashion.

Our focus is on helping you present your apparel and fashion accessories to the consumer in the most desirable and saleable way possible.
Our mission is to deliver top-quality photographs to you that exceed industry standards, in a style proven to effectively drive sales.

Simply, first we make it good, then we make it special.

Email us today and talk to us about what you need done. We'll make it happen - on time and on budget.


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FYI mediaworld Photographic, professional apparel, garment, fashion accessory product photography, Las Vegas, Nevada